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Silver Weekly Technical Outlook + MORE


Gold’s rally continued last week and briefly touched mentioned target of 61.8% projection of 1045.4 to 1306.0 from 1199.0 at 1360.1. As it’s now close to long term fibonacci level at 1380.98, we’ll be cautious on topping at current level. Break of 1252.8 support will be the first sign of trend reversal and will turn focus back to 1199…

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Crude oil stayed in range of 45.83/51.67 last week and outlook is unchanged. A short term top should be in place on bearish divergence condition in 4 hours MACD. Deeper fall is still in favor and break of 45.83 will target 38.2 retracement of 26.05 to 51.67 at 41.88, which is close to 41.90 resistance turned support…

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Silver’s break of 18.06 resistance last week suggests that medium term rise from 13.62 is resuming. Initial bias will be on the upside this week. Current rally would target 100% projection of 14.785 to 18.06 from 15.83 at 19.10 next. On the downside, break of 17.105 support is needed to indicate short term topping…

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Goldmoney Presents International Banking & the Future of Money
Money is the bedrock on which functioning economies stand. Stable, reliable currency – serving as both a store of value and providing a liquid medium enabling transactions and commerce – is essential for growing and prospering economies…

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Natural gas edged higher last week but lost momentum ahead of 161.8% projection of 1.611 to 2.195 from 1.909 at 2.854. Further rise could still be seen. But considering bearish divergence condition in 4 hours MACD, upside should be limited by 2.854 and bring correction. Below 2.535 support will indciate short term topping and bring bring pull back…

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