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Dealing Desk: Buyers speculate and hedge their bets + MORE


Vancouver, BC, Canada — June 15, 2015 – Miranda Gold Corp. (‘Miranda’) (TSX-V: MAD) has signed a Letter of Intent with Activos Mineros de Colombia SAS to acquire 6 applications that are contiguous with four existing Miranda applications comprising the Antares Project, Colombia. The combined project covers 10,500 hectares…

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Bonds and banks

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This year has seen some big losses develop in the bond markets, though prices have stabilised in recent days.

The chart above is of the yield on the lowest investment risk in ten year maturities. Most other 10-year bonds have seen even sharper rises in yield (i.e. greater price falls). This matters because the banking system is heavily invested in sovereign bonds, not only in the short end of the market where it traditionally invests its liquidity, but also in longer maturities between five and ten years…

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A busy week on the economic news front has led to a busy week in the precious metals markets.
Kelly-Ann Kearsey, Dealing Manager said: ‘We’ve had more buyers than sellers contacting us this week, with gold more popular than silver and there’s also been some interest in platinum.
‘We saw some speculation ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting (FOMC), and the Fed’s more dovish stance on rate rises has given some support to gold, boosting it above the $1200 threshold…

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